Cranes from Australia

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Dear Gabi

...not far from my home is a most magical little beach.
Each year the sand dissappears and is replaced by enormous rocks that have hid under deep sand all summer.

Then at the end of winter the sand returns slowly.
Both are beautiful moments.
This little beach is dedicated to Blessed Kannon and quite a few people now come here to quietly pray.

My friend Cate Kodo Juno, who is a Shingon Priestess here in Western Australia has been a part of this.

I have been quietly praying in this beautiful place that Kuan Yin protect all in Japan since this tragedy happened. I know she is. And that there will be many wondefully hopeful and miraculous stories.

Cate is organising to make Cranes of Hope right at this moment and we will all be donating money to help with the recovery.

I have never been to Japan but Cate has shared many beautiful photos. Each year she goes on a long pilrimage taking with her the prayers of many people to the 33 sacred sights.

I now pray that all the people of Japan and all the animals, trees, rivers,birds... all who live there are protected and made whole again.
That a wonderful, quick solution is found for the problems with the nuclear reactor.

That the people of Japan feel our love and
know that they are not forgotten.

Gabi from Australia

(Yes, we share the same name,
found each other by chance via facebook.
Gabi is also from Germany!)


Go to Mark's page about Kannon

Welcome to the Sacred Japan website.

My name is Cate Kodo Juno and I am your pilgrimage guide. I am a Buddhist priest ordained in Japan in the Shingon tradition and I have completed this pilgrimage many times over the past fifteen years.

"To hear her name or
see her form or
fervently recite her name,
delivers all beings from every woe"

- Lotus Sutra

. source : Sacred Japan


A personal note from Cate :

Dear Gabi,
Our aim is to collect messages of hope for the survivors of the disaster, write the messages on origami paper and make them into paper cranes. We will send "Senbazuru" to the disaster area along with the donations we have collected. We are expecting to target a particular project to work with in the disaster area, and we are keeping in touch with a contact in Sendai and also the Miyagi Prefectural Disaster Relief Headquarters. We hope to be able to contribute to equipping a child care center or kindergarten or something particularly to do with children's needs.

It would be greatly appreciated indeed if you could spread the word via your blogs and your own personal contacts.

Wishes on Wings

As well as providing urgently-needed material and financial aid, Wishes on Wings is sending an international message to the survivors of the Japan earthquake and tsunami that they will not be forgotten. Messages of hope and support are written on paper cranes to create a garland of Senbazuru, a traditional Japanese symbol of well wishes in times of great difficulty.

How to send your message:
Send an email with your message (maximum 20 words) as well as your name to mail@wishesonwings.com

How to make a donation:
. . .

with a BLOG for daily updates

. Wishes on Wings .


. WKD : Pilgrims in Japan  

Tuesday, March 29


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