Japan Times April 02

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Japan Times
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BOJ mulls emergency loans for disaster-hit firms
'Disaster bonds,' tax eyed for quake funds
Kan names quake at pep talk
Volunteer sensitivity to locals' needs called for
Kan to visit Rikuzentakata, Fukushima
Kan, Edano suit up for normalcy
Tohoku disaster causes 'natto' shortage
Boston doctor joins volunteers
Hunt for tsunami orphans hampered, unprecedented
Keidanren urges budget revision for rebuilding
Global supply chain unease rises
Nissan to restart normal domestic operations in mid-April
Poll finds sharp dip in business confidence
Dry-bulk shippers may be in for a big boost
Elementary grads hold ceremony
Mayors confer on lessons learned from twin disaster, way forward
Tsunami-ravaged Ishinomaki slowly sets off on long road to recovery
Coming together for the survivors
Tsunami-hit towns face dire future
Osaka's allure increases
Sendai struggles to regain footing
Labor queries pour in from victims
Saitama arena evacuees relocate
World pitches in to offer support
U.S. military mops up tsunami-hit school
Ghosn vows to reopen Iwaki plant in April
Western utilities to channel power east
Job, sales data show economy was rebounding before quake
Utilities' monopoly on power backfires

Kan names quake at pep talk

Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Friday that preparations for restoration and reconstruction work have begun in disaster-hit areas and Japan will prevail over the hardships caused by the massive earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

He did not, however, offer an outlook on when the damaged Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant will be stabilized.

Kan Friday night marked three weeks since the deadly tsunami ripped up the northeast coast by naming the temblor that spawned it the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (Higashi Nihon Dai-Shinsai).

... "And I promise that I myself and my Cabinet will stand at the forefront and devote all of our energy" to rebuilding it.

To prepare for the restoration, Kan said he will freeze part of the fiscal 2011 budget, which cleared the Diet Tuesday, and transfer the money to a supplementary budget.

"I want to prepare the first extra budget and use it to get rid of debris, build temporary housing, secure jobs and restore industry," Kan said, adding the government will submit the first legislation for the plan this month.

He also said a special panel of experts and local leaders will be set up by April 11 to "draft a blueprint" for rebuilding damaged areas.

As for Fukushima No. 1, Kan said that once the situation is stabilized, he intends to look at various aspects of the crisis, including how to balance national electricity supplies in the future. Kan did not, however, clarify his position on whether Japan should reduce its heavy reliance on nuclear power.

"Of course solar, wind and biomass energy sources that do not emit carbon dioxide are very important," Kan said. "But in a sense, I think that nuclear power should also get credit from the viewpoint of not emitting carbon dioxide and that naturally, we need to continue thinking about how to balance supply."

source : japantimes.co.jp

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Tepco admits several employees at the leaking Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant

Produce, milk that pass three checks may get OK for shipment

Volunteer sensitivity to locals' needs called for

Kan, Edano suit up for normalcy

Tohoku disaster causes 'natto' shortage

State not ruling out a stake in Tepco

Relocation of evacuees

International school typifies Sendai's community spirit

This earthquake still felt all over Japan


Saturday, April 02


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