Japan Times, April 15

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Onagawa nuke plant jolted beyond specs
The No. 1 reactor of the Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi Prefecture on April 7 sustained a jolt greater than what it was designed to withstand during a strong aftershock from the powerful March 11 earthquake, nuclear safety officials say.

The finding raises further doubts about the viability of the assumed quake resistance at the Tohoku Electric Power Co. complex, even though it was shut down safely after the deadly quake last month.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has instructed the regional utility serving northeastern Japan to analyze the impact of such a jolt on key facilities at the three-reactor plant, the officials said.

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塩釜 Shiogama resumes tuna catches
Hundreds of tuna are offloaded at Shiogama port in Miyagi Prefecture, one of the biggest fishing bases in the Tohoku region, for the first time since it was hard hit by the March 11 killer quake and tsunami.
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Fish near Fukushima have cesium
One of the sampled fish tested for cesium had 12,500 becquerels per kg.

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Task force starts to draw up ways to revive Tohoku
A government task force specially set up to handle reconstruction in quake- and tsunami-hit Tohoku region started Thursday to draw up ways to revive the devastated area.
"I hope the panel will present ways not only to reconstruct the affected areas, but also create a new Tohoku", Kan told the meeting.

Rays risked to save stranded dogs

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Earth Day Tokyo is needed more than ever

Each year, the globally recognized, nonsectarian Earth Day for promoting greater awareness of environmental issues falls on April 22, and this year, Earth Day Tokyo, which has been observed since 2001 with a festival, will take place the weekend of April 23-24 in Yoyogi Park.

... Three days after the March 11 megaquake the Earth Day Tokyo organizers held an emergency press conference to announce their own relief efforts for the stricken areas up north.

... Kazami Shojo, the director of Earth Day Sendai, was on hand and stressed the need for "accurate information," something that was in short supply at the time the press conference was held on March 14, and said that his group was specifically working on communications issues.

"Earth Day Tokyo Tower"

Plans for this year's Earth Day festivities in Tokyo, which organizers predict will attract some 140,000 people, remain fluid in light of the disaster, but in addition to fund-raising activities for the victims of the earthquake/tsunami, one of the themes of this year's festival is saving electricity, an issue that has become much more immediate with the loss of the Fukushima nuclear reactors and the probability of another hot and muggy summer in the city. Electricity for the entire festival this year, including the power to drive public address systems for concerts and lectures, will be generated using recycled cooking oil, or so-called biodiesel fuel. There will even be a car on display that was designed to run on hemp oil.

More than 400 nonprofit organizations and nongovernment organizations will be on hand



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