Children of Fukushima

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- The Children of Fukushima 福島の子供達 -

One year after the catastrophy
and still so many problems unsolved in Fukushima.

I will try and keep updates here now.


March 24, 2012

Children taught radiation studies
Nuke education now compulsory subject in schools in Fukushima

KORIYAMA, Fukushima Pref. —
A group of elementary school students in Koriyama, about 60 km from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 plant, may only be 10 years old, but they possibly know more about radiation than fourth-graders anywhere in the world.

After a year of study at Akagi Elementary School in Fukushima Prefecture, the 28 students in Tomoyuki Bannai 坂内智之's class can now explain the difference between alpha, beta and gamma rays. They know alpha rays are dangerous in terms of internal exposure to radiation and that gamma rays pose the biggest threat for external exposure.

"I believe my class of fourth-graders is probably the best in the world in terms of radiation education," Bannai, 43, told The Japan Times in late February.

放射線になんか、まけないぞ!: イラストブック


Fukushima kids graduate under cloud

About 18,000 children graduated from public elementary schools in Fukushima Prefecture on Friday, where the nuclear crisis forced more than 6,200 elementary school pupils to evacuate.

The ongoing radiation disaster overshadowed this year's ceremonies. Ten out of 495 schools in the prefecture couldn't hold ceremonies because they have been shut down by the crisis.
Some students from the no-entry zones celebrated their graduation in the towns where they are now staying.
Thirteen students from two schools in the town of Tomioka had their graduation ceremony in a disused auto parts factory in the town of Miharu where they have been attending classes.

About 60 students from two elementary schools in the town of Okuma received their certificates at an old high school in Aizuwakamatsu. Part of the troubled Fukushima plant lies in Okuma.
Aside from these problems, even before the disasters the schools were facing lower enrollments due to the declining birthrate. For the whole prefecture, 200 to 300 fewer students were graduating each year. Radiation fears have accelerated the decline, forcing 1,600 graduating students to flee.


October 24, 2013

Fukushima children's strength declining - NHK world news
Children in nuclear disaster-hit Fukushima Prefecture are showing reduced physical strength due to prolonged restrictions on outdoor activities.
The prefectural government says that following the March 2011 nuclear accident, 465 public schools restricted their students' outdoor activities, fearing radiation exposure. The number accounts for around 60 percent of all government-run schools in the prefecture.
Many cut gym classes on school grounds or shortened outdoor recess periods.
But a recent survey found that nearly 90 percent of the schools had lifted all such restrictions.
Prefectural officials say progress in decontamination work and increasing support among parents has led to lifting the restrictions.
But a nationwide assessment of children's physical strength conducted by the education ministry last year showed that elementary school pupils in Fukushima scored lower in all categories than in pre-disaster tests.
Another survey found that the obesity ratio for Fukushima children is higher than the national average in almost all age brackets.
The officials point out that some parents are still concerned about exposure to radiation and feel reluctant to let their children play outdoors.
They are working to address these concerns and are stepping up efforts to improve children's physical strength.


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